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 Full Body – Rolling Micro Vibration Spheres

Do you feel like your body is exhausted from continuous dieting, your skin is dry, dehydrated, wrinkly & saggy from excessive weight loss or gains or maybe just stressed with lack of activity and feeling stuck? Does it feel lethargic? Is your abdomen extended and bloated? Do your joints and muscles feel stiff, achy or puffy? Our protocols for the full body focus on improving circulation, engaging and re-activating the bodies lymphatic system

using spheres that rotate on a roller with vibration to awaken fat cells, then the therapist applies this rolling micro-vibration system with manual compression techniques. What this does is engage the fluid sac of the fat cell, it helps to, massage it, re-energize it, sculpt it & move it. At the same time the lymphatic system is re-activated & engaged to pick up the cellular waste & toxins expelled from the fat cells & in-between muscle tissue fibers & fascia. This entire process is deeply relaxing. The beauty of this therapy is that it can target tricky areas that do not respond to a change in diet or exercise. Making those areas look smoother, firmer & younger. During your assessment we will be able to assist you in choosing the correct package for your specific needs.

Full body* Sculpt -Abdomen/Full Leg/Buttocks (45 min)

Introductory Offer – $ 199 (One time purchase Only)

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